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Atlas Cylinder Integrated High Accuracy Diaphragm Chucks

It becomes very easy to set up your precise chucking system by using the Atlas ATL100 series Cylinder-integrated Diaphragm Chuck. ATL100’s built-in air cylinder eliminates the needs for installing an additional air cylinder in the back of the spindle, or tailor-making any air tubes. ATL100’s front-mounting design, assembling a super precision chucking system has never been easier.

Atlas Precision advanced air cylinder technology that minimizes air leakage by the unique air containing design and by largely decreasing the clearance between the rotary and the stationary parts of the cylinder down to 0.005mm (0.0002″). This technology allows building an open center air cylinder into the diaphragm chuck.

ATL100 uses our patented diaphragm chucking technology. The super precision chucking repeatability is within 0.002mm (0.00008″), plus its gentle clamping force, making this chuck a perfect solution for any accuracy-critical and fragile material machining tasks. Send us your sample and or drawing and we will machine 1 set at no additional charge or buy Soft Blank Jaws and machine in your facility.

  • A Chucking Repeatability is within 0.002mm (0.00008″)
  • Air Cylinder is integrated into the chuck body: no cylinder or draw tube is needed
  • Real front-mounted design allows easy installation and operation
  • Complete through-hole is reserved for bar machining, no limitation caused by a draw tube or an air feeder
  • Highly-sealed chuck body helps protect cutting chips, dust or coolant fluid from entering
  • Gentle and precise clamping: suitable for fragile or thin parts machining
  • No sliding parts to wear out ensures a longer product life
  • Low maintenance is required
  • Oil-mist air lubricated, the chuck generates very low heat under long period operation
  • Clamping force is proportional to input air pressure, easy adjustment
Dimensional Data
Model No.ATL104ATL105ATL106ATL107
Amm/in25 75/19725 75/179 25 125/327 25 65/163
Bmm/in25 25/5925 25/6925 75/19725 9/23
Dmm/in25 25/3925 25/57 25 5/11 25 25/59
Emm/in25 25/6925 75/19725 25/6425 25/63
Fmm/in25 125/32325 175/453 25 75/193 25 275/677
Gmm/in25 75/19125 75/179 25 275/657 25 75/194
Hmm/in25 125/28725 13/35 25 3/8 25 25/59
Imm/inN/AM8 x 3M10 x 3M10 x 3
Maximum speedrpm5500475033502500
Air pressurekg-cm2/psi0.5-7/7-1000.5-7/7-1000.5-7/7-1000.5-7/7-100
*Stroke per jawmm/in25252525
Chuck capacity
(through hole)
mm/in256 16/3925 25/5725 5/1125 25/59
Chuck capacity
(none-through hole)
mm/in25 25/59 25 75/197 25 25/63 25 25/61
Blank Jaws for ATL100 Series Air Diaphragm Chucks
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