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Pratt Burnerd Constant Grip Quick-Change and Non-Quick Change VTL Power Chucks


Closed Center Power Chucks Designed for Vertical Turning Lathes

Jaw Presetting Fixture Order Number 1009-07090 for use with 6″, 8″, 10″, 12″, 15″, 18″ and 20″ sizes Standard Bore and King Bore Models Quick Change Jaw Power Chucks.

  • One Year Warranty
  • ±.0005″ Repeatability
  • 3-Point Adjusting Feature in the chuck body permits indicating in to zero. Increase Soft Jaw Life by using adjustment feature. Reduce or eliminate re-boring of Soft Jaws.
  • Close center design with chip ejecting discharge chutes in the chuck body face reducing build-up to near zero.
  • High RPM … up to 5,000 using standard top jaws … without loss of gripping force, due to internally counter-balanced design.
  • Quick Change Master Jaws, 2 sets supplied with each chuck permits offline pre-assembly of top tooling for next job reducing traditional setup time by 95%.
  • SAFE Visual Indicator shows when Master Jaws are in the unlocked mode.
  • Utilize existing top tooling by selecting style of master jaws from 1.5 x 60, 1/16 x 90, Am. Std. Acme, Am. Std Tongue & Groove and Square Serrations or substitute mono block jaws. Sets can be mixed styles.
  • Doubles as collet chuck as master jaws have keyed radius in front that accept standard W & S collet pads. Eliminate time wasted on switching over to collet chuck.
  • Utilize the machine’s existing actuating cylinder – including Japanese types.
  • Easy Installation – removable blank sleeve in the chuck allows the customer to bore and thread the sleeve of the chuck to match existing drawtube of drawbar. PBA can supply chuck sleeve prethreaded on request, at a nominal charge.
  • Optional Jaw Setting Fixture (as shown) for presetting top jaws off the machine for the next job, while the machine is still running. A real timesaver!
  • Sizes 6″, 8″, 10″, 12″, 15″, 18″, 20″, and 24″ diameters.
Chuck SizeMount (D)Direct (I)IndirectRPMModel No.**Jaw StrokeSleeve StrokeCollet Pad Bar CapacityTooling Hole SizeOperating Force lbs/fGrip Force lbs/fWt (lbs)
Quick Change Jaw VTL Chucks
10.0"A2-6(I)50009101-426__.160".730"2.5"3/8" UNC72001980082
10.0"A2-8(D)50009101-526__.160".730"2.5"3/8" UNC72001980082
12.0"A2-8(I)42009101-531__.160".730"3.0"3/8" UNC990027000150
12.0"A2-11(D)42009101-631__.160".730"3.0"3/8" UNC990027000150
15.0"A2-8(I)30009101-538__.200".790"4.5"3/8" UNC1350031500280
15.0"A2-11(D)30009101-638__.200".790"4.5"3/8" UNC1350031500280
18.0"A2-8(I)25009101-546__.236".984"5.5"1/2" UNC1550038250375
18.0"A2-11(I)25009101-646__.236".984"5.5"1/2" UNC1550038250375
20.0"A2-11(I)25009101-650__.236".984"5.5"1/2" UNC1550038250550
24.0"A2-11(I)18009101-660__.315".984"6.25"1/2" UNC2070038250760
24.0"A2-15(I)18009101-760__.315".984"6.25"1/2" UNC2070038250760
Non-Quick Change Jaw VTL Chucks
10.0"A2-6(I)50009111-426__.160".730"2.5"3/8" UNC72001980082
10.0"A2-8(D)50009111-526__.160".730"2.5"3/8" UNC72001980082
12.0"A2-8(I)42009111-531__.160".730"3.0"3/8" UNC990027000150
12.0"A2-11(D)42009111-631__.160".730"3.0"3/8" UNC990027000150
15.0"A2-8(I)30009111-538__.200".790"4.5"3/8" UNC1350031500280
15.0"A2-11(D)30009111-638__.200".790"4.5"3/8" UNC1350031500280
18.0"A2-8(I)25009111-546__.236".984"5.5"1/2" UNC1550038250375
18.0"A2-11(I)25009111-646__.236".984"5.5"1/2" UNC1550038250375
20.0"A2-11(I)25009111-650__.236".984"5.5Z1/2" UNC1550038250550
24.0"A2-11(I)18009111-660__.315".984"6.25"1/2" UNC2070038250760
24.0"A2-15(I)18009111-760__.315".984"6.25"1/2" UNC2070038250760
** Insert last two digits for Master Jaw type...Example 9101-42623...Indicates 1.5mm x 60°: Master Jaw Required
Use 23 for 1.5mm x 60° Japanese type.** Use 07 for Am. Std Tongue & Groove. Use 10 for 1/16 X 90° Serrations.
*Use 26 for Acme Serration. Use 27 for Square Serration.
Dimensional and Performance Data (in inch)
Chuck SizeABCDFMaxMinG
Dimensional and Performance Data (in inch)
Chuck SizeHJKMinMaxSW
10-A6M12x351⁄2 UNFx3⁄44.531.422.150.631.57
10-A8M12x351⁄2 UNFx3⁄44.531.32.030.631.57
12-A8M14x451⁄2 UNFx3⁄45.711.32.030.711.81
12-A11M14x451⁄2 UNFx3⁄45.711.382.160.711.81
15-A8M20x551⁄2 UNFx3⁄4473/7891.382.160.8662.36
15-A11M20x551⁄2 UNFx3⁄4473/7891.382.360.8662.36
18-A8M20x551⁄2 UNFx3⁄4433/6301.382.360.9842.36
18-A11M20x551⁄2 UNFx3⁄4433/6301.382.360.9842.36
20-A11M20x351⁄2 UNFx3⁄4705/9941.383.360.9842.36
24-A11M20x351⁄2 UNFx3⁄4***1.572.560.9842.36
24-A15M20x351⁄2 UNFx3⁄4***1.572.560.9842.36
(T) Draw Tube Thread Blank
1. Dimensions listed are with 1.5 x 60° Japanese type master jaws.
Some dimensions will vary using other Master Jaw types such as Acme, 1/16" x 90° or Am. Std. Tongue & Groove.
2. Chuck is at mid stroke with master jaws flush with the body O.D.
3. UNC mounting bolts available upon request.
Mono block jaws are extremely accurate solid one piece design ideal for dedicated jobs, and will allow you to work closer to the chuck face, due to no jaw bolt obstructions. For longer service Mono Block Jaws are made from a nitride hardening material to allow hardening after forming without major distortion.
See our product catalog for dimensions.
Extra Sets of Master Jaws for Quick Change Jaw Power Chucks
Master Jaw Type - 15mm "
60° Fine Serration
(Japanese Type)
1/16 " 90° Fine serration
(European Type)
Acme Serration8130-266268130-316268130-406268130-466268130-506268130-61626
American Std.
Tongue & Groove
Square Serration8130-266278130-316278130-406278130-466278130-506278130-61627
Mono Block Jaw ***8130-266018130-316018130-386018130-466018130-506018130-61601
** 20 and 24 diameter chucks supplied with 3mm x 60° serrations * 15, 18, 20 and 24 diameter chucks supplied with 3/32 x 90° serrations
*** Also available in long pointed design