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Atlas 5C & 16C Dead-Length and Pull Back Power Chucks

A Type Mount

• Short overall length excellent for main or sub-spindle applications
• Chuck accuracy is .0003” TIR from rear mounting register and working collet taper
• High speed up to 6000 rpm
• Body nickel plated for corrosion resistance
• Hardened and ground main body and cone
• Dead Length feature eliminates part pullback
• Straight recess or available with A type mountings. Other mounting types available on request
• In second operations work, shoulder components can be stopped against the face of the collet
• Both collet types are internally threaded in the rear end to house either a backstop or ejector if required
• Drawback Spring CRAWFORD COLLETS achieve the highest possible concentric accuracy
• Chuck includes threaded connector to customers specifications

5C & 16C Dead Length
Chuck Type5C5C16C16C
Spindle MountA2-5A2-6A2-5A2-6
A (mm/in)137/5.393158/6.220137/5.393158/6.220
B (mm/in)104.8/4.125133.4/5.252104.8/4.125133.4/5.252
C (mm/in)82.56/3.250106.38/4.18882.56/3.250106.38/4.188
D (mm/in)Max. M65Max. M65Max. M65Max. M65
E (mm/in)137/5.393137/5.393137/5.393137/5.393
F (mm/in)78/3.07178/3.07190/3.54390/3.543
I (mm/in)68/2.67768/2.67768/2.67768/2.677
L (mm/in)122/4.803122/4.803145/5.708145/5.708
Maximum Force1800kaf/3968lbf1800kaf/3968lbf2300kaf/5070lbf2300kaf/5070lbf
Maximum RPM6000600050005000
Chuck Order No.CPD-5CA5CPD-5CA6CPD-16CA5CPD-16CA6
5C & 16C Pull Back
Chuck Type5C5C5C Threaded5C Threaded16C16C
Spindle MountingA2-5A2-6A2-5A2-6A2-5A2-6
A (mm/in)137/5.393166/6.535137.5.393166/6.535137.5.393166/6.535
B (mm/in)104.8/4.125133.4/5.252104.8/4.125133.4/5.252104.8/4.125133.4/5.252
C (mm/in)82.56/3.250106.38/4.18882.56/3.250106.38/4.18882.56/3.250106.38/4.188
D (mm/in)Max. M58Max. M65Max. M58Max. M65Max. M58Max. M65
F (mm/in)70/2.75670/2.75655/2.187-10T55/2.187-10T76/2.99280/3.149
I (mm/in)83/3.26783/3.26783/3.26783/3.26789/3.50489/3.504
L (mm/in)122/4.803122/4.803122/4.803122/4.803145/5.708145/5.708
Maximum Force1800kgf/3968lbf1800kgf/3968lbf1800kgf/3968lbf1800kgf/3968lbf2300kgf/5070lbf2300kgf/5070lbf
Maximum RPM600060006000600050005000