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Atlas CPC Series Dead-Length Collet Chucks

  • Ideal for bar work or for second operation work
  • Precision dead-length operation
  • High speed up to 8000 rpm
  • Body nickel plated for corrosion resistance
  • Repeatability .0001” (0.0025mm) on duplicate parts
  • Large thru-hole up to 3.15″ (80mm)
  • Collets are available for Round, Hex or Square parts
  • Large clamping force up to 16,060 lbf (7300 kgf)
  • CPC collet types: B42, B60 and B80 or Multi-Bore Din 6343 Collets
  • For best accuracy use  high quality CRAWFORD COLLETS
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Chuck includes threaded connector to customer’s specifications
CPC Series Dead-Length Collet Chucks
Use with B type Spring or DIN 6343 Multibore Collets
CPC Series for B type Spring or DIN 6343 Multi-Bore Collets
Order NumberCPC-42A5CPC-42A6CPC-60A6CPC-60A8CPC-80A8
Spindle MountingA2-5A2-6A2-6A2-8A2-8
A (mm/in)135/5.31170/6.69170/6.69220/8.66220/8.66
B (mm/in)104.8/4.13133.4/5.25133.4/5.25171.4/6.75171.4/6.75
C (mm/in)82.56/3.25106.3/4.19106.3/4.19139.7/5.50139.7/5.50
DM66 x P1.5M66 x P1.5M90 x P1.5M90 x P1.5M114 x P2.0
F (Max Threading)M60M60M90M90M100
I (mm/in)57/2.24469/2.17666/2.59866/2.59872/2.834
M (mm/in)103/4.06103/4.06132/5.20132/5.20155/6.10
N (mm/in)27/1.0632/1.2627/1.0632/1.2635/1.38
L (mm/in)129/5.08133/5.24155/6.10155/6.10175/6.89
X (mm/in) Std-Max16/.63-50/1.96816/.63-50/1.968---
Y (mm/in) Std-Max40/1.57-80/3.1540/1.57-80/3.15---
Mount ScrewM10 x 4M12 x 4M12 x 6M16 x 6M16 x 6
Collet (Spring/Multi-Bore)B42/173EB42/173EB60/185EB60/185EB80/193E
Taper Stroke6.0/0.246.0/0.246.0/0.246.0/0.246.0/0.24
Chuck Thru-Hole (mm/in)42/1.6542/1.6560/2.3660/2.3680/3.15
Draw Bar Force (kgf/lbf)2500/55002500/55003000/66003000/66003500/7700
Clamping Force (kgf/lbf)5400/11,8005400/11,8006500/14,3006500/14,3007300/16,060
Max rpm60006000500050004000
I.D FunctionNoNoNoNoNo