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Manual Self-Centering Chucks, Scroll, Independent, Universal
3977 Emerald Dr., Kalamazoo, MI 49001
[images/MC/SC-253-263-line.jpg] Self-Centering Universal Steel Body SETRITE Chucks



[images/MC/SC-ES-line.jpg] Easy-Set Self-Centering Universal Chucks



[images/MC/SC-234-235-line.jpg] Self-Centering 234 & 235 Series 3 Jaw Chucks



[images/MC/SC-342-line.jpg] Self-Centering Series 342 3 Jaw Universal Iron Body Chucks



[images/MC/SC-342-line.jpg] Self-Centering Series 332 3 Jaw Universal Chucks



[images/MC/DP-Line.jpg] NEW! Self-Centering Dust-Proof 3 Jaw Universal SG Iron Body Chucks with 1.5X60 degree jaw



[images/MC/SC-2JS-line.jpg] 2 Jaw Self-Centering Scroll Chucks



[images/MC/SC-3VTL-line.jpg] Self-Centering VTL Manual 3 Jaw Universal Chucks



[images/MC/UN-332EX-line.jpg] King Bore Oil Country Series 332EX 3 Jaw Universal Extra Heavy-Duty Chucks